The large Egyptian Pyramids homed into view from the horizon. The muddy brown Nile River splashed up against the wheels of the rented battered Landrover. My Giorgio Armani sunglasses irritated my nose - making me sneeze rudely: the interpreter passenger sat adjacent, glared insidiously at me for a moment.  

I suddenly witnessed a large black crow-bird in the sky; the stroboscopic glare of the desert sun blinded me for an instant, disorientating my vision. I squinted my tired eyes - then pushed my foot onto the brake.


   I exited from the jeep, ran with long strides to a majestic fountain, its water a beautiful blue. I removed my desert hat with a flick of the hand, and ducked my head into the gushing water with relish. My head rose tentatively upwards a minute or so later, minus my sunglasses - and a light warm wind blew particles of sparkling sand from my sunburnt face. The adventure for which I’d been paid to do had begun.

‘Will you need assistance?’ asked the interpreter.


   I turned my head, with the sun bleaching my expression, ‘No! I wish to go on alone.’ The interpreter nodded with relief and went back to the Landover. Twenty minutes on foot I reached a cave. The dark cavern enticed me in with beckoning flashes. I swigged my water, breathed deeply and entered. I flicked on my torch, shining it around as a search lamp. There in the corner lay a skeleton. I crept nearer. Some bats flew past as warriors of the night. I knelt down and picked up a sandy metal box with Aramaic writing on it. I grabbed it from the skeleton’s hand. My mission now accomplished. The code to an ancient text, transcribed by an 11th century exorcist, who fought demons and monsters in the desert lay enclosed in the box. I made for the exit as clouds of dust and rocks fell down from atop of the cave. I ran outside, and stood on a mount. I glanced at the box, but dare not open it in case it unleashed one of the exorcist’s monsters, whose only goal would be to hunt me down for eternity, for removing this precious artefact, used to disturb them from their sinful misdeeds.